Understanding Common Law Marriages and Divorce in Colorado

Colorado is one of the dozen or so states in the U.S. that allows common law marriages. In general, a common law marriage is a recognized legal union that is formed through informal processes. However, although the marriage process is informal, the divorce process is the same for those in common law marriages as it is for those who were formally wed. So what does common law marriage mean? How do you establish one in Read More

On What Grounds Can I Contest or Challenge a Will?

A will may be contested for a variety of reasons. There may be a dispute over its interpretation, a person may have multiple wills, or the health of the testator (a.k.a. the person who made the will) is at issue. In order to contest or challenge a will in Colorado you must have the legal right to do so. This legal right is called “standing,” and in Colorado only interested parties have standing to contest a will. An Read More

A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a very important estate planning document that enables you to appoint someone to act on your behalf for financial, medical, or other reasons when you have become incapacitated or otherwise unable to effectively handle your own affairs. The person appointed becomes your “attorney-in-fact,” or agent, and you become the principal. Before you execute this document, it is important that you Read More

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Living Will?

Despite its name, a living will is not really a will at all. A living will, often called an “advance directive” or a “healthcare directive,” is a document that reflects your wishes for medical care or treatment should you become incapacitated or terminally ill and, consequently, unable to communicate your wishes. However unpleasant the thought may be, you can benefit from having a living will no matter what your age Read More

Understanding the Role of Guardian ad Litem

The Colorado judicial system takes the needs of children very seriously, and when the best interests of a minor need to be represented in a case regarding neglect or dependency issues, the state ensures they have proper representation. This individual is called the Guardian ad Litem, and holds a great deal of responsibility during the course of a case. Let’s explore how this person is appointed and what exactly Read More

Understanding the Dangers Inherent in DIY Estate Planning

The internet has changed the way we run our lives and has allowed people to become fairly self-sufficient when it comes to complex tasks. We can gather information about our child’s illness, figure out how to pay off our debt, or learn how to remodel our home ourselves. While this approach might be acceptable for some aspects of our lives, one area that’s dangerous to sacrifice is the planning of your estate. It’s an Read More

Colorado Family Law: How to Establish Paternity in the Eyes of the Law

Establishing paternity of a child is one of the first major decisions that will affect your new baby’s life. Depending on the circumstances, this action might be very easy and straightforward, or there might be other factors that make this a difficult process to complete. When it comes to paternity in Colorado, there are several ways to legally navigate these proceedings so that the child can benefit throughout their Read More

Look for These 5 Qualities in Any Potential Trustees

The future of your estate is not something to be considered lightly. No matter the level of your wealth, your successors will appreciate a well thought out estate plan that avoids conflict and meets the needs of everyone involved. In order to make this happen, you must appoint a trustee to manage your financial affairs. The trustee will be responsible for making sure your wishes are carried out as planned. What makes Read More

Are You Ready for Divorce? Here’s What You Should Ask Yourself First

Getting divorced is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and while it might be the right choice for you and your family, there are some considerations that need to be addressed. Often times people focus on the actual divorce process itself, like finding a lawyer and making sure they negotiate to get their way. Yet there are so many other elements to the process that don’t get talked about. Before filing Read More

Passing on the Family Farm: What Farmers Need to Know About Estate Planning

Family farms are the backbone of our country’s industry, and maintaining and preserving their integrity for years to come is no small task. Estate planning gets to be a little tricky when it comes to the farm, since it is your personal property as well as your business. Having a clear plan in place will ensure the best chances for success when it comes time to pass the reins down to the next generation. Get Read More