Business Planning

Proper Legal Support is Essential for Business Planning

As part of our Estate and Tax Planning services, the lawyers of Hulbert & Associates, LLC frequently are called upon to advise, formulate, or draft contracts related to various entity structures, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. The staff at Hulbert & Associates, LLC work with a number of family owned business (large and small), and advise them on various situations and issues.

The staff of our firm have experience with farming and ranching clients, and they spend a lot of hands-on time on those farms and ranches to understand the operations and what legacy is important to their clients. Here at Hulbert & Associates, LLC, we wish that Lori would stop bringing home livestock, but we understand that it is part of the compassion for this way of life that makes her a better lawyer in this area and helps her to better identify with the cash flow issues that their farming and ranching clients typically confront, especially come tax time.

If you need assistance with business planning, or just need some questions answered, please contact us to speak with Lori or one of our other fantastic attorneys.