Probate Administration

Navigating the Choppy Waters of Probate Court

At Hulbert & Associates, LLC, our estate planning and probate attorneys work with the firm’s trial attorneys to assure clients of dependable advice and skilled representation in the event of a dispute over the terms or validity of a will, a trustee’s responsibilities to a beneficiary, or conflicting claims to ownership of assets. Contact us to learn about our approach to dispute resolution in will contests and breach of fiduciary duty claims involving trustees, executors or administrators.

Our firm’s experience with probate litigation allows us to identify a range of solutions designed to protect our client’s interests while minimizing the need for protracted litigation. We also work to minimize litigation risk, as when we advise trustees about the scope of their discretion under ambiguous trust terms. We can even file for declaratory relief when the risks of committing to any one of several plausible interpretations are too great to accept prudently.

We represent heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, executors, administrators, and any other party with an interest in a trust or estate in dispute. We can defend or prosecute will contests or breach of fiduciary duty claims that involve all kinds of issues:

  • Will contests based on incapacity, undue influence or other invalidating circumstances
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against executors or administrators of an Ohio estate
  • Trust litigation between income beneficiaries and remainder beneficiaries
  • Disputes between trustees and beneficiaries
  • Accounting disputes
  • Declaratory judgment actions when the trustee needs clarification as to ambiguous terms or unforeseen contingencies

Our will contests attorneys take a practical and resourceful approach to trust and estate litigation. We advise our clients not only about the strengths and weaknesses of their positions and the litigation strategies best suited to a given objective, but also about the practical implications of the action. Our lawyers do not recommend litigation alternatives unless what you stand to gain or protect can justify the expense and time involved.