Considering Adoption? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions First

Adoption is a beautiful process which requires extensive planning. It is a life changing step that should not be taken lightly. As such, it is important to ask yourself the following questions if you are contemplating adoption, either through a relative or an adoption agency.

#1. Why Am I Adopting?

What is your drive to adopt? Is it pressure from the society or you simply have the desire to provide for an extra child? Do you merely want to show how open-minded you are to the community by welcoming another race, color, and culture in your home? Whatever your reason, it’s crucial to understand that the best adoption begins in your heart. Don’t do it to show off.

If you have recently lost a child, grieving might be quite unfathomable. However, it’s important to understand that adoption is not always an answer. You should be ready to transcend your adopted child as your own, forever.

#2. Will I Be Able to Cater for the Child’s Needs?

Financial stability is an important consideration when it comes to adoption. Keep a realistic budget, depending on your income levels. For instance, in Colorado, domestic adoption cost is approximately $40,000 to $ 45,000. If you use an adoption lawyer or adoption agency, you will need to set aside their fees too. Some agencies may be more costly than others; hence it’s crucial to carry out adequate research to select the one that matches your budget. Also, there are other child expenses than the actual adoption process. You should be financially fit to provide for the child’s basic needs and make the necessary investments for them.

#3. What Are the Legal Requirements?

Every adoption has its unique legal requirements; thus it’s vital to consult your lawyer or agency before you commence the process. First are the references. Before you adopt a child in Colorado, you should have non-relatives who can vouch for you. In fact, they usually have to fill in their own application form.

Second, in Colorado, several clearances must be carried out. These include a Federal Bureau of Investigation check, Colorado Bureau of Investigation check, and the TRAILS clearance. If any of these agencies have prior or present charges against you, it is difficult to adopt the child.

#4. Will I Be Comfortable to Tell My Child the Adoption Story?

The adoption story can be quite challenging and can evoke different questions and emotions. How will you handle explaining the child’s genetic history to him or her? Are you prepared to face any adverse reaction they may have? You will have to be strong during this time. It’s advisable to seek guidance on how you will transverse it.

If you can comfortably answer the questions above, then you are ready to start the adoption process. If you are looking for legal advice on this and other family law matters, Hulbert & Associates, LLC has a team of highly trained professionals who can represent you in your case. Call us anytime at 480-435-9999.

Written by Lori Hulbert

Together the attorneys of the firm have nearly 30 years of experience in the fields of estate planning, estate and trust administration, estate and trust litigation, guardianships and conservatorships and civil litigation.