We would simply want you to know that your guidance has been far more effective in far less time, and has upheld what we take to be righteous and charitable, even in the midst of all the troubles that have brewed about us during the past several months. We deeply appreciate your professional support.


I have had the pleasure to work with Ms. Hulbert as she does Guardian Ad Litem work for Dependency & Neglect cases in over the two years I’ve been with Logan County DHS. She is very passionate, ethical, hardworking, personable, professionally competent, and truly looks out for the children’s best interests. If she is not wearing her GAL cap, I would personally hire her as a private attorney. According to her law firm website, her motto is “To Serve Colorado Families, One Family At A Time.”


From the minute I met Lori I knew I was in good hands.
Prior to hiring Lori, I was in a situation that had been stalled for a very long time. She came highly recommended and I was able to see why first hand.

Lori was able to negotiate the case to a successful conclusion. Lori worked tirelessly to negotiate a situation that I believed impossible to resolve. She is is an aggressive litigator and negotiator, and also is amazing at making her client feel at ease through a difficult process.

I would absolutely use her again, and again. I recommend her to to my family and friends, and suggest that you do too.


Lori is extremely knowledgable about her field of expertise and has provided me with a vast knowledge of estate planning. She responded timely to inquiries and followed up with concerns. She is not afraid of the “hard” cases or the time they take!

A Client

Lori made time for us in her busy schedule and on short notice when we found ourselves in a desperate situation: a series of unexpected lawsuits about our father’s estate. She helped us focus on the legal issues and not the emotional ones, although she was at all times kind and sympathetic. One of the things I appreciated most was that she was able to “cut to the chase” and spell out the real legal issues in her documents to the court. Her efficiency and multitasking at all times saved us untold thousands compared to opposing counsel. She at all times kept us on the high road, never stooping to the name calling and character assassination found in the opponent’s filings. She guided us through a mediated settlement, the results of which we are ecstatic with.


Ms. Hulbert and her staff were instrumental in helping me and my siblings achieve a very desirable and equitable outcome in a family lawsuit involving an inheritance. She assured us as we engaged her services that she was efficient and thorough. She lived up to those claims in spades. We could not have asked for a more friendly and personable helpmate. She made us feel that we were a team in the fight of our lives together. She allowed us to have input and took our suggestions and concerns very much to heart. I NEVER want to experience the agony of a contested estate again, but if I DID, I would have Ms. Hulbert on speed dial, no doubt about it! Thank you, Lori!


Lori Hulbert is an excellent lawyer. She is incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and dependable. Lori is also very passionate about meeting the needs of her clients. She always exceeds our expectations and is a pleasure to work with. We have worked with Lori for the past three years and highly recommend her.


Hulbert and Associates came highly recommend to me, that being said they exceeded my expectations.
I came to Lori with a difficult case, that I had been unable to reach resolution on for over a year.
Lori was able to reach a successful resolution, something that I thought was impossible prior to meeting with her.
She is an aggressive negotiator and litigator, and has the highest level of integrity. Lori also has an amazing ability to help her clients feel at ease during the legal process. The fact that Lori cares about her clients shows through.
I always recommend Lori to both my family and friends, and I think you should too.